Stress and burnout are heavy topics but understanding them and how we can prevent them harming is critically important.


This keynote or interactive workplace workshop (online or face-to-face) is designed to educate employees about the effects and then provide practical tools that can be used straight away for reducing that stress and introducing more calm, joy and control to their work and personal lives.


At the heart of all my workshops is one word: compassion. Not just for others, but, perhaps more importantly, for ourselves. Too often in the workplace we put all of our energy into others and forget that we need it too, as we are reminded every time we fly by the ‘oxygen mask’ warning.


Workshops are engaging, authentic and hands-on, and tailored to client needs and the audience. I guess you could say that I humanise the dreaded topic of stress!



  • Improved self-management skills
  • A reduction in the levels of damaging stress
  • An ability to manage stress
  • Greater resilience
  • A ‘boost’ in wellbeing
  • Lessen the effects of compassion fatigue
  • Reduced personal stress
  • Improved personal resilience
  • De-cluttering the ‘busy’ mind
  • Working more effectively as a team member
  • Keeping calm under pressure and in challenging and changing situations.
  • Managing attention and energy more effectively throughout the day





My one-to-one coaching program focuses first on awareness of the current state, then an acceptance of the need for improvement combined with a willingness to invest time and energy in ‘me’, before moving on to put the ‘oxygen mask’ firmly in place.


The program combines self-leadership strategies, mindfulness and awareness of personal strengths with a goal-oriented approach to ‘taking action’. As your personal coach and mentor, my role is to bring out the best in you, inspire you to act on your potential, and hold you accountable to yourself.


This is not about the job you are in now, the organisation you work for, or the next promotion; it is about the ‘me’ you are now, and the ‘me’ you want to be in the future. So, if you are feeling a little stuck and need guidance and motivation to move forward, my coaching program could be the answer.


Contact me today to arrange a free, no-obligation 90minute discovery call on 0410 322341 or


























An often, overlooked component of a successful employee strategy is a proactive wellbeing plan.


A proactive wellbeing approach is a precursor to a productive and supportive workplace environment and can directly contribute to good return to work outcomes. These can include reductions in absenteeism, presenteeism and employee attrition rates along with improved continuity amongst teams and with clients, increased productivity and a general improvement in organisational wellbeing.


My workshops often lead to discussions with leadership around next steps, which can include my services as a hands-on consultant providing input to existing or new employee strategies.


I make no claims to be a human-resources or learning and development specialist, but with more than half a decades’ experience working in the area of wellbeing with clients across a diverse range of sectors, my input in this area can make the difference between a wellbeing policy in name only and a wellbeing policy that makes a real difference. In essence, I strip off the band-aid, throw away that bowl of fruit and put strategies in place that connect people to other people and themselves!



















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