Beat Burnout: prevention is better than cure!

Join me in my passion to help manage stress, build compassion resilience and prevent burnout, thereby greatly reducing anxiety and depression in the world.

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The hard facts

  • If you are visiting my website, chances are that stress has affected you in some way. Perhaps it has impacted on a fellow worker, your team, your family, or, perhaps even yourself. Statistics tell us that 1 in 4 of us will be adversely affected by stress during our lifetime, and in some case this pattern repeats. Why? Because historically we have not been given the practical skills to cope with stress and mitigate its damaging effects. It is my job, and my passion, to change this.  Imbalance occurs when demands overwhelm resources. If this happens occasionally, we can usually manage the challenge, but when it is a constant in our lives, it can leave us chronically overextended. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Too busy to manage your stress?


TEDx was my chance to challenge myself on a personal level, but it became a rallying cry for those affected by stress in their personal and work lives. After TEDx, I was asked if I planned to write a book. Uh, no…but I took up the challenge and ‘The Little Book of Still’ was born, which became an Amazon best-seller! The next request was one-to-one support, which became my coaching program, and then far-reaching support, which became my online course.  


My ‘business’, which is really just me and my passion for improving wellbeing, has since gone from strength the strength, and I surprise myself when I look at the range of clients that I have worked with over the past few years.


So now that you’ve watched my TEDx talk, you’ve experienced not only my sense of fun, but also my passion for helping people manage their distress.


Ultimately, I want to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout entirely, and thereby greatly reduce anxiety and depression in our world.

  • In our current world of ‘busy-ness’, I show you how to be STILL, even if just for a few moments. I also share my strategies for managing stress and preventing burnout. All my tools are evidenced based and well researched and I only share what I use myself.

    I try and keep things as simple as possible. My intention is not to add to overwhelm, but instead to inspire and empower. So, I educate first, and then show you fun and practical ways to stop the cycle of stress in your body. I teach you how to breathe (yes, we need to be taught!), understand and appreciate your character strengths and how to move forward using tiny habits, one STILL step at a time.

  • STILL we

    interactive emotional health and self-leadership Keynotes or workshops. These can be online or face-to-face (see services tab for more details).

  • STILL me

    mindfulness and strengths-based coaching for individuals

  • STILL us

    wellbeing strategy and culture consulting

“Annie ran a fantastic session with our Coles Liquor team! Her style is authentic and I enjoyed her method of taking such a serious issue as Burnout and making sure the team had fun with it, whilst understanding how important it is. We bonded as a team and understood what it takes for each of us to be still, and all absolutely took away some useful tips and tricks to help us – building small habits are the key!”

 Erin Fogarty, People & Culture, Coles Liquor